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Author Topic: Multi-position Mobius  (Read 2303 times)
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« on: June 26, 2007, 04:57:40 PM »

I have no problem with the one ship design for side limitation, despite what people not familiar with the game don't seem to get,  it is an integral part of the game I wouldn't change if I could.  Alll player is forced to make difficult choices, which will help define their playing style.

That said. I think it would be fun just once to be able to push ship design a bit.  I figured out a way it could be done without toying with the game design.  If each player played two positions, each with it's own ship design, they would be free to try something different with one or both and still have a chance to win.  Possible scenarios could include  weak transports &  no-load fighters, Huge behemoths & little gnats, or slow dreadnaughts & Supersonic scouts.

The main problem would be initial placement, as both positions would have to be close to take advantage of each other.  Each planet will only produce the ship design of the side that captured it.  I don't know how much leeway the program gives on home planet placement, the ideal would be to start with both home worlds in the same system (with maybe 1/2 the resources)  But I doubt that's possible.   You could set up the game normally and make sure each player gets homeworlds close to each other, of course that might severely limit how many players were in the game. 

The second problem might be cost.  At $8.00 minimum a turn Mobius is already pretty expensive   and most people would balk at $16.00 a turn.  But with emailed orders it might not be that much harder for them to enter and keep track.  Players could send orders for both sides in the same email, but then again they would have to be sent two different reports.  I'd like to see it offered for $10.00 a player.  But would be willing to pay up to $12.00 a turn for the novelty.

One rule:  Each player can only employ ONE Overlord.  They must choose which side can have one and ONLY if they are killed can their other faction employ one.

Anyway, It's just an idea for an odd vaiirant I though I throw out for discussion.  Who knows, it may have been tried already and been a dismal faillure.

Anyone have  comments?  Suggestions?   Criticism? 
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